CEL 400G

Flexible, two component, 100% solids, gasproofing, and epoxy parging material for damp concrete.


CEL 400 G is a two component epoxy grout used to fill cracks and holes in concrete structures before application on CEL 400


CEL 400G is a thixotropic grouting compound that can built to thickness of over 1 cm.

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Barrie, Ont.


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CEL 400G 
Flexible, two component, 100% solids, gasproofing,
and epoxy parging material for damp
  • CEL 400G is a tough, flexible, 100% solids epoxy hybrid parging compound formulated to fill and bridge cracks and voids in concrete.
  • CEL 400G is a superior alternative to cementitious compounds as a parging and priming layer due to its ability to form an impervious membrane with outstanding adhesion to the substrate.
  • CEL 400G may be sprayed or trowel applied in thicknesses exceeding 1 millimeter.
  • When used in conjunction with CEL 400 as the top coat, intercoat adhesion failures are eliminated due to their unique chemical bonding.
  • CEL 400G has a intercoat window of 2-16 hours, with zero VOC, as well as odorless during and after application
Data Sheet
Specific Gravity .80 (water =1)
Flash Point 0/grams / litre 
Recommended Coverage  10-60 mils to ensure no pinholes
Container Size 20 Litre Kits
Adhesion  Concentrate: 300-600 PSI to break

Shore "D" 55

Impact Resistance 

160+ in. Lbs

Pot life

10 min at 20 C

Full Cure 7 days at 20 C
Tack Free Time 

1.5 Hours at 20 C 

Relative Humidity Tolerance  Up to 100%
Theoretical Coverage  1 sq. m./ Litre at 1 mm thickness
Cleaning Solvent

MEK or Xylene


Application Procedures
Surface Preparation

1) If contamination due to service is either present or expected to be present on the existing concrete substrate, cleanse with a 3000 psi (200BAR) water blast using detergent solution capable of dissolving the contaminant. Rinse the washed surface with clean water prior to subsequent steps in order to remove the detergent from concrete.

2) Repair loose or damaged concrete using Five Star Structural Concrete or equivalent. Once the repairs have been completed, remove existing coating and/or deteriorated concrete by abrasive sandblast. Sand-blasting will produce a rough surface.

Preparation and Application

1) Store all materials in accordance with the manufactures written recommendations. All materials shall be thoroughly mixed prior to application. Failure to do so may diminish the quality of the coating.

2) Apply Cel 400G parging compound to all concrete surfaces in a single pass to the specified film thickness (based on theoretical coverage + 15%) using a trowel to smoothen the surface as much as possible.

3) When Cel 400G has set up to a tacky state (not fully cured), apply Cel 400 Epoxy as the top coat. If the Cel 400G parging material has fully cured before the top coat is ready to be applied, the surface should either be abraded or wiped with an acceptable solvent, if deemed appropriate by the Engineer or ICAT Industries, such as MEK, or Xylene


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