CEL 375

Two component, 100% solids epoxy coating system which. May be applied directly to steel.


A 100% solids epoxy that creates an extremely strong resilient protective film which provides excellent resistance to catholic disbondment. It is formulated to be spray applied with plural component heated airless pumps at a film thickness up to 60 mils DFT in a single application with excellent adhesion and abrasion resistant characteristics. The epoxy coating is formulated to address new construction, rehabilitation of existing pipelines, girth welds, valves, bends & field joints.


- Quick set / turnaround time

- Fast Cure

- High build - up to 60 mils a single coat

- Colour: Grey

- Finish: Gloss

- 100% Solids - VOC compliant

- Excellent Adhesion and Catholic Protection

- High Abrasion & impact Resistance

- Provides monolithic membrane protection to the substrate.

  • Trinidad

  • Trinidad

  • Colombia