375 Field Joint Coating


- Quick set / turnaround time

- Fast Cure

- High build - up to 60 mils a single coat

- Colour: Grey

- Finish: Gloss

- 100% Solids - VOC compliant

- Excellent Adhesion and Catholic Protection

- High Abrasion & impact Resistance

- Provides monolithic membrane protection to the substrate.


A 100% solids epoxy that creates an extremely strong resilient protective film which provides excellent resistance to catholic disbondment. It is formulated to be spray applied with plural component heated airless pumps at a film thickness up to 60 mils DFT in a single application with excellent adhesion and abrasion resistant characteristics. The epoxy coating is formulated to address new construction, rehabilitation of existing pipelines, girth welds, valves, bends & field joints.


Surfec Prep:
Surfaces must be clean and dry. Remove all contaminates such a dust, dirt and oils.
SSPC SP 10 / NACE 2 Near White with a jagged profile of 2.5 – 5.0 mils utilizing a
suitable abrasive such as silica sand, nickel / copper slag, garnet.

CEL375 coating shall be applied to the abrasive blasted steel surface using
plural component spray equipment. A VR Coatings Cheetah, with a Rhino air motor, or equivalent, shall be used to provide the desired application pressure of 3000 psi. The ratio of the pump shall be 3 parts base (part A) to one part curing agent (part B).
CEL375 base and curing agent shall be preheated to a temperature of 40°C/105°F while being agitated. A transfer pump at a minimum fluid to air ratio of 5:1 is
recommended to feed the plural component pump.

In-line heaters shall be used on the base side and curing agent side to raise the temperature from 40°/105°F to 65°/150°F upon application.
The hose bundle leaving the plural component pump shall be heat traced and
insulated to maintain material temperature.
The base line shall be 3/8 inch ID and the curing agent shall be 1/4 inch ID. A
maximum length of 50 meters (55 yards) shall be used.
The mixing block shall have a material shut off valve prior to entry and must
have a solvent flush attachment that will allow the whip hose to be flushed of
mixed material.
The whip hose shall be no more than 8 meters (9 yards) in length and 1/4
The gun shall be a high pressure airless spray gun with a minimum pressure
rating of 3000 psi. The tip sizing shall be a minimum of 0.023.

Brush and Roll:
Combine pre-measured base material (Part A) with pre-measures curing agent (Part B) and mix thoroughly using a drill with a mixing attachment.
Once mixed, apply to abrasion blasted steel surface using a brush/roller/trowel to attain an even coat.